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The technology used by our WARM fireplaces that enables them to be so high-performing and not polluting at all is called pyrolysis. This is a thermochemical decomposition of large organic molecules that occurs through lode heating in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis splits the pellets into two components: syngas, which is an excellent gaseous fuel, and char, which is the residue that remains once the reaction is complete.

SYNGAS is the correct definition of the special gaseous fuel that allows we burn in our heaters and generates a robust flame that heats and illuminates. Unlike classical gas, it is a natural gas and non-polluting.

CHAR are the few grams of residue left by pellets at the end of combustion and is, among other things, an excellent fertilizer.

How does pyrolysis work in the pellet mushroom?

To activate the pyrolysis of biomass, it is necessary to ignite the pellets from above, so with the increase in heat and the absence of oxygen, gas formation will begin, the biomasses will stop burning while the bio gas emitted from them will continue to burn producing heat in large quantities. At the end of combustion, all gases will be consumed and only CHAR will remain of the pellets, which can be used as fertilizer.

Why choose a WARM hearth?

The outdoor space of clubs and hotels is increasingly important and more and more exploited by customers who, probably also influenced by the rules dictated by the pandemic experienced in recent years, prefer to stay outdoors rather than in indoor halls. The need to warm outdoor spaces as a result is increasingly felt.

To date, most outdoor heating systems rely on gas heaters, but these have always been very expensive and, with the increase in the last period and that expected in the coming months, could reach prohibitive costs. Hence the need for a system that is less expensive, more aesthetically pleasing, and does not pollute as much as gas or electric mushrooms.

Pellet technology allows the use of pyrolysis, which we have already discussed in detail above, for economical and environmentally friendly heating of outdoor space, just think that 7Kg of pellets are enough to run the mushroom for 6 hours creating a thermal output of about 15KW.

Pellets or GAS

COSTS: The pellet fireplace is certainly more expensive to purchase but much cheaper to maintain, allowing daily savings of about 40€.

SAFETY: Mushroom Gas is very dangerous and has even been banned in some cities.

MANAGEMENT: Gas mushroom is easier to manage


Imagine saving 80 percent over what you spend today to heat your stall-it seems impossible doesn’t it? Instead, with WARM it is possible. With only 7Kg of pellets worth about 4€ your mushroom will be able to emit heat for about 6 hours. The heat emitted is equal to 15KW, so the same as that emitted by the gas mushroom at maximum power, but at a much lower cost.

How much does a Gas Mushroom cost you per day? According to our statistics, a cylinder lasts an average of 2 days and has a cost to date of 65€, but as is well evident from the daily news, we do not know what the gas will cost.

According to our quick calculations, a pellet mushroom will save you up to €800 per month per mushroom.

The alternative are electric heaters, but they too require an effectively large amount of electricity that can equal the consumption and cost of the classic gas-fired mushroom heater.


Aren’t you tired of classic gas mushrooms or heating lamps? Increasingly, customers also look for design and look at the image of the premises, it is time to also choose Italian Design heaters to attract customers.

All WARM products are designed by Italian designers and intended to be primarily a piece of furniture. Your stall is the image you give to possible patrons; it is important to care for it even more than the inside of your venue. We at WARM are here to help you choose the right products and furniture for your needs.


The WARM hearth is also innovative because of its environmental focus, making it extremely environmentally friendly, free of any kind of fumes and featuring a totally natural flame.

WARM is environmentally friendly, respecting the environment and safeguarding it because there is no dispersion of harmful material, the only residue is CHAR which is 100% biodegradable, natural and above all an excellent fertilizer. Our fireplaces are non-polluting as they do not burn any kind of gas as thanks to pyrolysis we use pellets as fuel which does not produce any smell or gas but only a beautiful flame.

Pellets are a natural product that, unlike the electricity used by classic heating lamps, do not cause any kind of pollution.


Often, indeed almost always, we see many gas mushrooms in small rooms without complying with any kind of regulations, but we probably forget about the dangerousness of the gas cylinder and how many problems its malfunction or even worse its improper use could bring to our business.

The LPG cylinder although often used and managed directly by the employees of the premises actually meets a very stringent regulation regarding storage, management and especially placement that must be away from the tables.


Electric heating is true, it is easy to manage, as well as gas heating can be turned on and off at any time. In addition to consumption, however, it has the problem of difficult management since it is necessary to bring power into the stall to power the heating lamps, and it is not a simple cable given the large amount of power consumed by these devices. WARM fireplaces can be placed anywhere and moved simply by using the supplied casters, they do not require electricity nor do they have any special regulations regarding their placement.

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