Heat your Dehor in style with our innovative Design pellet heater. Choose from the tabletop hearth that you can place in the center of any coffee table, the true classic hearth that replaces the classic gas heater, or our table with a hearth in the center, for the most fashionable venues.

The elegance of fire combines with Italian design to create a product that not only warms up but also attracts customers and makes your venue the most attractive place in the area.


uses pellets

WARM is the first line of outdoor pellet heaters by Design. To date, one of the biggest expenses is the cost of energy, which is precisely why gas mushrooms or electric heaters are becoming increasingly cost prohibitive. With WARM it only takes a few euros a day to warm up your stalls!

Environmentally friendly


We have also created our WARM heaters with the aim of respecting the environment, in fact by using only pellets as fuel, our heaters do not produce any kind of smoke, have no dispersion of harmful material and are non-polluting. I


Italian design

Who said that heating can’t also be a stylish and Design object? We with WARM have created real warming pieces of furniture, from classic pellet mushrooms to our tables with a brazier in the middle. Warm up your stall with Style, only with WARM.

Our products

All of our fireplaces are the result of years of research and study so that we can obtain products that perform better and are aesthetically beautiful.

Tired of throwing money at gas cylinders?
WARM is the solution.

With the ever-rising cost of LPG you can save up to €20 per day per heater,

save more than 1000€ per month in case you have 2 gas mushrooms.

Do you also dislike those classic gas heaters?
WARM is the solution.

In addition to the extremely advantageous daily cost, WARM allows you to have a product with an extremely refined design, beautiful to look at and definitely different from what we are used to seeing

Problems with handling and storage of gas cylinders?
WARM is the solution.

Cylinder management has always been a big issue between regulations, spaces to be respected, and the smell of gas, management is often a nightmare. In addition, more and more throughout Europe are considering the abolition of gas heaters from public places. WARM does not have these problems as it works with pellets.

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How does the WARM hearth work?

1. Open the box, place your WARM where you have decided, install the top of the hearth with the glass panes, and finally put on the charge and then plug in the battery-operated fan (if any).

2. Load the pellets inside the tank. All WARM fireboxes have a cylindrical solid steel tank that loads very simply from the top. When loading the tank be careful to leave the holes at the top of the cylinder clear, they will be needed later for pyrolysis.

3. Light the hearth from above with plain natural deviling. We recommend putting 3 pieces of deviling on the pellets so as to promote combustion. The flame is generated by pyrolysis, emitting no smoke or gas or odor. The fungus cannot be extinguished; it will extinguish itself. If available turn on the fan for forced ventilation of your WARM.

4. Empty the small amount of ash said Char which is an excellent fertilizer. Once emptied, the hearth is ready to be reused.

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